Precious Memories & More ~ Verses

A Fond Farewell (Any loss)

Afterglow (Any loss)

A Letter From Above (Loss of a child)

A Message For Mom (Loss of a child)

A Mother's Dream (Stillborn / miscarriage / newborn death)

A Mother's Love (Stillborn / miscarriage / newborn death)

A Name For My Pain (Son or daughter)

An Angel Never Dies (Stillborn / miscarriage)

Angel in Heaven (Any loss)

And God Said (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Angel Wings Took You (Stillborn / miscarriage)

A Tiny Hand We'll Never Hold (Stillborn / miscarriage)

A Whole New World (Any loss)

A Whisper From Heaven (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Book of Life (Stillborn / miscarriage / newborn death)

Circle of Life (Any loss)

Crossing Over (Loss of a child)

Daddy (Stillborn / miscarriage / newborn death)

Don't (For the grieving)

Don't Grieve for Me (Any loss)

Do Not Weep (Any loss)

Enjoy Them While You Can (Loss of a parent)

Fly (Any loss)

Footprints (For the grieving ~ Favorite)

Forever With You (Any loss)

Forgotten? (Any loss)

From A Distance (Any loss)

God Bless The USA (Military loss)

God Gave Me (Any loss ~ Favorite)

God's Garden (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Goodbye (Any loss)

Heartbreak (Loss of a child)

Heaven's Latest Angel (Loss of a child)

Her Journey's Just Begun (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Hero (Any loss)

Hope (Any loss)

I Believe (Any loss ~ Favorite)

If (Any loss ~ Favorite)

If I Could (Loss of a child)

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me (Any Loss)

I Knew You For a Moment (Stillborn / miscarriage / newborn death)

I'm By Your Side (Any loss)

I Touched Your Face Today (Any loss)

It's OK To Cry (Any loss)

It's So Hard to Say Goodby to Yesterday (Any loss)

Jesus Joy Of Angels (Stillborn / miscarriage / newborn death)

Life (Any loss)

A Message For Mom (Loss of a child)

Life Anew (Any loss)

Like A Rose(Any loss)

Little Angels (Stillborn / miscarriage / newborn death)

Little Ones (Young child death)

Loss of a Treasure (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Love Lives On (Any loss)

Loving Memories (Any loss ~Favorite)

Lullaby (Harriet Monroe) (Loss of a first born)

Lullabye (Billy Joel) (Loss of a child)

Memories (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Memories Together (Any loss)

Men Don't Cry (Father loss of a child)

My Angel (Loss of a child)

My Child (Loss of a child)

My Guardian Angel (Any loss)

My Heart Will Go On (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Oh Lord (Loss of a child)

Oh Mother, My Mother (Stillborn / miscarriage / infant loss)

One Sweet Day (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Please Don't Cry (Loss of a child)

Road To Eternity (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Sleep Softly (Any loss)

Somewhere Out There (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Any loss)

Take My Hand (Adult loss)

Tears (Any loss)

Tears in Heaven (Any loss ~ Favorite)

The 23rd Psalm (Any loss ~ Favorite)

The Chain (Any loss)

The Cord (Stillborn / miscarriage / young child loss ~ Favorite)

The Dance (Any loss ~ Favorite)

The Dash Between The Dates (Any loss ~ Favorite)

The Day I Went Home (Any loss)

The Mention of Her Name (Loss of a child)

There You'll Be (Any loss ~ Favorite)

To Remember Me (Any loss)

To Those I Love (Any loss)

Truly Madly Deeply (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Until We Meet Again (Any loss)

Visitor From Heaven (Newborn death)

Was It You? (Any loss ~ Favorite)

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me (Any loss ~ Favorite)

Why? (Any loss)

Why God Takes Children (Stillborn / miscarriage / newborn death)

You'll Never Walk Alone (Any loss)


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